Industrial Painting

With years of hands-on professional experience, our Brampton commercial painting contractors provide excellent industrial painting solutions that will protect your facility and valuable assets from various damages. Our industrial painting contractors have painted virtually all industrial equipment in the past, and have unbeatable knowledge when it comes to delicate handling and finding the most effective procedures. MG Painting Pros only uses top-grade products that are anti-slip, scratch resistant, heavy duty, low-VOC, and eco-friendly paint so that you can rest assured that your venue is in good hands. Our exquisite industrial painting services are available throughout Brampton, Toronto, Scarborough, Mississauga, Vaughan, Markham, Orangeville, Georgetown, Nobleton, King City, Aurora, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Ajax and many other surrounding communities.

Machinery & equipment painting

Our painters will remove all impurities from your valuable machinery and equipment and reapply a fresh new coat of paint in order to protect your assets from scratches, dents, decay, and other damages. By using high-quality products that are proven to work, you can save plenty of funds from having to pay for costly replacements. Our contractors are well-versed in working with machinery and equipment of all sizes and shapes and will deliver error-free results in no time flat.

Silos & storage tanks painting

Failure to maintain silos and storage tanks can lead to disastrous results such as chemical leaks, contamination of costly materials, leaks and spills, and other industrial hazards. Our contractors will thoroughly remove all impurities such as old paint, rust, dirt, and debris from the interior and the exterior of your silos and storage tanks and check them for any signs of deterioration, then apply our top-grade painting products that are ultra-durable, chemical resistant, and proven to work. Our experts recommend a yearly inspection and maintenance to ensure optimal functionality.

Warehouse painting

With high amounts of foot traffic and heavy machinery, warehouses are one of the most hazardous work environment that requires delicate care and proper upkeep. Our warehouse painting products are anti-slip, resistant to heat and chemicals, antibacterial, and durable against heavy weights. Our bright and clean painting products can also contribute to raising workplace morale and productivity. Our painters are capable of working with warehouses of all sizes, heights, and shapes with unmatched efficiency and precision.

Metal deck ceiling painting

Metal deck ceilings are one of the most commonly neglected parts of any industrial facility due to it being out of sight and out of reach. However, failure to maintain a clean metal deck ceiling leads to a build-up of harmful chemicals, dust, oil, and other particles and leads to air contamination that can be harmful to the health of your employees. Our contractors will thoroughly clean your metal deck ceilings and apply a fresh coat of paint that is resistant to chemical build-ups and particle collection so that your employees can be safer at work.

Floor lines & markings

Whether you require temporary floor lines and markings for a short-term project or permanent markings that will last for years, our painters have the perfect solution for you. We provide a wide variety of floor lines and marking suited for every need, including high-gloss alkyd based and epoxy-based products available in different levels of permanence. Improve your process efficiency with our clear and bright lines and markings! We also provide colour-coding services for pipelines and emergency exit markings.

All of our fantastic services are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in order to fully accommodate your busy facility hours. Speak to one of our customer-dedicated consultants about all of your painting needs and we will deliver flawless and effective results in no time flat! Find out more about our painters by reading some of the testimonials written by our valued clients and visit our photos gallery to see our painters in action. Contact us today and receive the best customer service that you deserve! We hope to hear from you soon.

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